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Gr 4 – 7 Resources

These quality resources are designed to supplement and complement your other resources.

The resource packs may be photocopied by the purchaser, for the learners at their school, and we urge customers not to misuse the copyright.

Note to parents: The resources for Life Orientation and Creative Arts have been created to support the outcomes outlined in the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) for the relevant subjects and grades.

They are designed as supplementary material to textbooks and unless the teacher is following the lessons outlined by Macrat you may find that the activities are not similar to those your child is doing at school.


Gr 4 – 7 Resources Categories


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  • IEB poetry pack Gr 12 FAL (2017 - 2019)

    Mac-7 Series Vol 2 2014

    Theme-based worksheets for Grade 7 English.  The series provides ready-to-use CAPS-compliant resources; 10–11 units per volume, each following a specific theme. Creative, user-friendly comprehension and language worksheets, including teacher’s notes. Excellent supplementary material to reinforce learning skills. Vol 2 was first published in 2014. (Vol 1 was published on 2013)
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  • Textual Editing

    My Life Grammatically Speaking

    A basic introduction to parts of speech and grammar for primary school learners. Note: this material was previously published in the annual Ratpack issues. Compiled by The Macrat Team No of pages: 26 Recommended for Gr 6 – 7.
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    Poetry and Creative Writing

    In this resource pack, the author has combined an approach to creative writing with the skills and tools of poetry. It introduces learners to the main figures of speech that they will later encounter in poetry study. By using these devices themselves, in their own creative writing, learners will develop...
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  • Textual Editing

    Shrek Film Study

    A fun yet educational resource pack that offers super activities based on the film ‘Shrek’: learn about film techniques, develop insights into movies and explore the film by completing the various activities. Recommended for Gr 7 – 9. Authors: B. Blumfield
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  • Textual Editing

    The Hobbit

    Worksheets, notes and fun activities to cover this novel. No suggested answers are included but teachers will easily be able to cover this aspect. Author: N. van der Lith and G. Moore No of pages: 28 Grades 7 -9
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    The Lion King

    Reinforcing the basics of film study by using this movie. An excellent movie to use when introducing film study to learners. Recommended for Gr 7 – 9. Author: B. Naude No of pages: 12
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