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Film Study Mini Resource Pack: ‘The Truman Show’


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These pages were originally published in a very early edition of the Ratpack (Vol. 6) but their value to teachers of film study has not diminished.

The aim of the pack is to provide an introduction to the study of this movie, or the activities that can be used as short film-related ‘fillers’.

This pack selects 13 sequences from the film and provides questions and suggested answers for each of these sequences. Make sure that the class reads the questions BEFORE viewing the sequence.

It is important to note that learners will require some knowledge of film study techniques and they will need to be familiar with film study jargon or terminology. If you need to revise these aspects of film study, you can purchase Macrat’s “technical” packs: Introduction to Film Study, Take 2 or Take 3.

Compiled by The Macrat Team
Total of 13 pages

As Word documents can be unstable, and text can move around, we supply this resource as an unsecured PDF which means that you will be able to print it and also edit it to suit your needs.
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