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Making the Grade: Grade 1 eBook


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A vital parent/teacher handbook – written by teachers with many years of experience, and a sense of humour!

Step-by-step, non-prescriptive guide to what is expected of learners in Grade 1.

Useful and practical tips for both teachers and parents – always at their fingertips.

Ensures co-operative parental involvement in the child’s learning.

Grade 1.

Total number of pages: 30

Author: H. Neunborn

1.    Introduction
2.    Some general hints before we start
3.    What practical skills must my child have before starting Grade One?
4.    What can I do to help my child become more independent?
5.    What can I do to ensure my child has a good day at school?
6.    What else can I do to help my child have a happy year in Grade One?
7.    What about homework?
8.    What can I do to help my child learn to read?
9.    What can I do to help my child read with comprehension?
10.    How can I make a meaningful improvement in my child’s reading?
11.    What physical activities can my child do regularly to help him in Grade One?
12.    What can I do to develop language and hearing skills for my child?
13.    What can I do to develop mathematical skills with my child?
14.    Some tips for report-time
15.    Conclusion: some final words