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Making the Grade: Pre-school eBook


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A vital parent/teacher handbook – written by teachers with many years of experience, and a sense of humour!

Step-by-step, non-prescriptive guide to what is expected of three- and four-year-olds in pre-school.

Useful and practical tips for both teachers and parents – always at their fingertips.

Ensures co-operative parental involvement in the child’s learning.


Total number of pages: 42

Author: S. Davies

1.    Introduction
2.    What can we expect from a three-year-old?
3.    What can we expect from a four-year-old?
4.    How does a child learn?
5.    Emotional development
6.    Social development
7.    Language development
8.    Numeracy
9.    Dominance
10.    Gross motor skills
11.    Fine motor skills
12.    Visual perceptual skills
13.    Auditory perceptual skills
14.    Digital skills
15.    Life skills
16.    Choosing a school for your child