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GET Reading Programme (Gr 8 – 9)


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Many learners struggle to read, or read with comprehension and understanding.
The GET Reading Programme has been designed to provide learners with plenty of practice so that they can develop these skills. It is aimed at grades 8 and 9.
The series offers 35 exercises which are organised in order of difficulty. All units are photocopiable and we suggest you make multiple copies of each unit. If possible, devote time once or twice a week to complete a unit – either at the start or end of a lesson, or run a reading programme outside of class time for those who need it.
Each passage is accompanied by either multiple choice questions or questions requiring a word or a short sentence as an answer.
Suggested answers
are included and you can either mark the units yourself, get the learners to mark their own work, or allow peer assessment. We suggest the learners draw up a table at the back of their workbooks where they can record their mark for each unit. We trust that their progress will inspire them and enhance their confidence.
Reading quickly and with understanding are skills that will have a ripple effect on all subjects studied. They are skills that will be useful throughout a learner’s life. We believe that through ‘practice, practice, practice’ learners’ skills will get better and better.

Grades 8 – 9.

Compiled by Lois Tennant