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Mini Resource pack: Listening Exercises FET


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This mini resource pack includes a selection of listening comprehensions which are ideal for use as a class test or as practice exercises. The activities were previously published in Macrat’s Ratpacks, issues 12 – 20. Suitable for grades 10 – 12.

No one’s died laughing  Gr 10
Walking or Running?  Gr 10
TED Talks  Gr 11/12
Determined to make a change  Gr 11/12
Google’s ‘campuses’ give tech start-ups room to flourish  Gr 11/12
Hitchcock as special as Shakespeare  Gr 11/12
Chinua Achebe  Gr 11/12
Black Butterflies  Gr 11/12
I’ll be revenged on the pack of you  Gr 11/12
Letters for Listening  Gr 11/12
Drumming builds up a healthy sweat  Gr 11/12

Total: 16 pages