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So What’s News?


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The purpose of this project is to contextualize some functional writing and language issues that learners need to understand. This newspaper project ties the ideas into a realistic, practical situation and the skills are understood more clearly and practised more efficiently. It is also much more fun!

Some aspects included:

  • Fact and Opinion
  • Emotive Language
  • Connotation & Denotation
  • Two kinds of news reportsWriting a news report
  • Editorials
  • How to voice your opinion / personal comment
  • Intention / Style / register / tone
  • How to write letters to the Editor
  • Visual literacy
  • Advertising / classifieds
  • Linguistic techniques in advertising

Complied by N. Kirby

Number of pages: 37

Grade 10

Download, copy and hand out to the learners!