Theme pack: My Self


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  • Creative and fresh resources and ideas for theme-based teaching in the Foundation Phase.
  • Graded activities and worksheets, suitable for multi-ability classrooms.
  • Recommended grade levels provided, but adaptable to any level in Foundation Phase.
  • Hands-on practical activities and materials that encourage creative and flexible thinking, decision-making, investigation, and discussion.
  • All material in line with curriculum requirements, with reference to the CAPS throughout.
  • Fully photocopiable worksheets or material for posters and transparencies.

Theme pack: My Self
All about me: includes a booklet project plus activities for English and Math. The activities involve looking at family, culture and special interests, plays, collages, charts and graphs, family trees, surveys, ordering and planning, measuring, experiments and many more creative activities.

Written by: C. Macrae
Recommended for Grade 2 or 3
29 pages

Note: these resources are photocopiable for use within your school, but please don’t abuse the copyright.